Best Credit Builder Loans in Wisconsin

Published: 8 April 2024

Author: Noah Gomez 

Finding a credit builder loan that meets your criteria and does not impose austere conditions is not easy. And it's not uncommon for local institutions to offer better terms than national brands.

Wisconsinites are lucky to have an extremely competitive local offer in Bank Five Nine.

Best Overall

Bank Five Nine

Avg. Principal: $1,000
Avg. APR: 1.95%
Avg. Length: 24 months

At 1.95%, Bank Five Nine's credit builder loan APR is among the most competitive in the nation, far below the US average of 7.78%.

Over 24 months, Wisconsonites repay $1,000 in principal with $41.67 installments each month. They would be hard pressed to find a more competitive offer.

Best from Bank (Physical)

Bank Five Nine

Avg. Principal: $1,000
Avg. APR: 1.95%
Avg. Length: 24 months

Best from Credit Union

Advia Credit Union

Avg. Principal: $1,250
Avg. APR: 12.5%
Avg. Length: 36 months

Best from Digital Lender


Avg. Principal: $600
Avg. APR: %
Avg. Length: 24 months

Best Wisconsin-Only Credit Builder Loans

Best Multi-State Credit Builder Loans Available in Wisconsin

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