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If you're here, it's because...

"Counseling" is overkill.

Formal credit counseling is overkill. You don't need an extreme solution because it's not an extreme case.

"Repair" did not work.

You or a credit repair agent disputed bad info but you still have poor credit (or nothing was removed).

You just need the info.

You did research (maybe on r/CRedit) and just need an outline for your specific situation.

How DIY Credit Rebuilding Works

  1. 🚀 Answer some questions about your credit & financial situation.
  2. 🔍 Discover your profile type.
  3. ✔️ Get your custom plan (timeline + checklist + tailored loans & cards).
  4. 📫 Follow 2-3 weekly steps (~15 min) delivered to your inbox.
  5. 💻 Visit your personal page for a summary view, anytime.

Free for scores <580. Free for children.
Cancel anytime.

Most people are getting better at credit.

Who is this for?

If you missed payments, paid them, & want to know where to go from here.

Incl. charge-offs, collections, & simple lates.

See if you fit →

Who is it not for?

Not for debt "relief," credit "repair," or "counseling" (bankruptcy or other).

I.e. not for people in irreparable debt.

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Why should you do this now?

It can take some time

1. 🚛 15% of your credit is how long accounts are open.
2. 📈 When you open one, your profile automatically suffers because lenders don't know you're good for it.
3. 📜 So when you need debt, you must have already built your profile.

More FAQ

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, if you feel comfortable doing the research and taking some risk, you can go it (all) alone. Just remember that small mistakes can have big consequences. Make sure you dedicate enough time to research. You can also ask questions on a 15 minute free chat here.

I have a unique situation, how do I know if it's for me?

Some of the most common problems we handle include:

Unsure which score is the right one. || Confused why good score didn't get you approved. || Unsure about getting new accounts vs. working on existing ones. || Skeptical of banker offering a credit card to protect your credit (it's a lie). || Opened account caused score drop. || Closed account caused score drop. || Following "all the rules" but don't see score changing. || Scores differ across credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax). || Up-to-date on old accounts but score is decreasing. || New account caused big score increase, but then it stagnated. || Don't want to pay for FICO scores each month, but need to monitor. || Unsure how many credit cards you should have. || Unsure how much to put on credit cards. || Uncertain about authorized usership. || Account appears on one credit score, but not others. || Score dropped when installment loan aged off report. || You heard of pay-for-delete but your creditor won't accept it. || Confused about so-called "consumer finance accounts." || Mortgage seems to have different impact than other installment debt. || Confused why mortgages & auto loans have separate categories. || Confused why mortgages & auto loans have dedicated scores.

And many more...

You can schedule a 15 min chat for free here to be sure we can help your specific circumstances.

I don't like the idea of getting debt. Do I need it?

You'll need it to make meaningful progress. Credit is an old game that requires we pay to play. But like any game, there are ways to win efficiently when you have the right skills and tools.

I know people with high scores and just one card. Why don't I just do that?

You can. We built these packages because credit can be misleading. A high score does not mean "creditworthy compared to everyone." It just means "compared to others like you, you are less likely to default." But that can simply mean others like you don't use much debt at all! Banks know this.

The point is, you're here because you're proactive, and our packages are designed to set you up for lifelong success by creating a strong foundation.

How is this different from my local credit repair service?

Grrr, hot topic for us. "Repair" is the operating word here, and it just means disputing errors with credit bureaus (legally speaking and in pactice). It does not "build" your profile for lasting results. We focus on building a thick, resistant profile that stands the test of time.

How are you different from competitors?

We don't know of other DIY credit building services, but we use an algorithm to match your profile with a customized plan that considers factors on and off your report.

For example, we identify specific products based on your location and available funds. We implement common and less-common techniques at optimal frequencies, such as opening multiple accounts quickly to minimize hard pull count and preempt credit-limit increase requests by choosing cards more favorable to approving from the start. We eliminate secured credit cards entirely — they are obsolete. We plan rotational card usage to avoid innactivity closure and penalties for all-zero accounts.

Most importantly, we automate the lengthy process so you don't have to deal with the stress of uncertainty. Just take 2-3 steps each week.

We also believe in "learning by doing," so we explain each step we recommend. That way you walk away with more than a better profile — you actually know what's going on.

Can't I just get a credit builder loan or app like Self or Kikoff?

Yes, (some) credit builder loans/cards/apps are great tools. We focus on building comprehensive profiles of loans and cards that we know and trust to improve credit quickly without creating constraints in the future.

What if I start a program and decide to stop?

We'll refund you the difference if you paid up front or terminate your monthly subscription. You shouldn't pay for something if you don't think it helps. However (as you know), the single most important factor in your credit is consistent payments, so make sure you have a plan before cancelling.

How much does it cost?

Most customers choose the $12.97/month option.

Internally we call this the "water" package because it's roughly equivalent to the amount Americans spend on water each month.

What's the catch?

We have a secret motive. Credit building is a humbling task, the great equalizer in a capitalist society. Like life, it takes patience, can have unpleasant surprises, and sometimes even involves some luck. But unlike life, we ensure you don't make huge mistakes along the way, so you can learn and grow in a healthy way.

It's not rocket science.

You just need a guide.

Take the FREE Credit Profile quiz to find out exactly what cards & loans will get you the best results, and how you compare to peers.

Thick credit (noun)

actively managed profile with a mix of flexible cards & loans that adjusts to consumer needs over time

Credit rebuilding (verb)

process of creating thick credit; focuses on swift action and minimizing future constraints

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